KAAZ Motorsport Australia presents VE 3.70 DIFF GEARS in two versions of 1.5-way and 2.0-way

September 20, 2022 Australia, Adelaide, Adelaide 8



Coming in two unique variants of 1.5-way and 2.0-way LSD, the VE 3.70 DIFF GEARS offered by KAAZ Motorsport Australia brings in exclusive clutch-type plates that assist in equally allocating the torque to the front and rear pair of wheels. The two types of LSDs functions discretely in both the acceleration and deceleration performances. These LSDs operate as standard differential gearbox, wherein it maintains the gyrating variances in between the wheels when the racing cars are transiting in a frontward direction. Again, this rotational difference between the midway-located cross axis and the wheels aids in propelling the pressure rings that reorients the mobility of the wheels to the clutch plates. Visit www.kaazmotorsport.com.au

Please visit our website: https://www.kaazmotorsport.com.au/
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