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/ Holding communion with the Saviour / Sharing secrets and techniques deeply borne. / Loving, living close beside Him / Trusting Him although every new morn. / Knowing He's our faithful keeper, / Never to forsake His own. / But will maintain us safe in glory / Always ever near His Throne. It's troublesome when somebody / Who is beloved can't be there, / But memories which are made and shared / Will keep a beloved one near.We pray for many who died believing in Jesus and are buried with him in the hope of rising once more. God of the living and the dead, could those that faithfully believed in you on earth reward you endlessly in the pleasure of heaven.One by one - our expensive ones leave us / And we sorely miss them right here, / But we all know they are peaceful yonder / With no sorrow, pain or care. / Knowing solely pleasure and gladness / Each new day extra peace to gain.Teach me to solid myself completely into the arms of your loving Providence with a vigorous, unlimited confidence in your compassionate, tender pity. you could try this out For everything there may be / an appointed season, / And a time for everything / underneath heaven- / A time for sowing, / a time for reaping; / A time for sharing, / a time for caring. / A time for loving, / a time for giving; / A time for remembering, / a time for parting. / You have made every little thing / stunning in its time / For every thing You do / remains eternally. / Some day until then I'll watch and wait / My lamp all trimmed and burning bright / That when my Savior opes the gate / My soul to Him might take its flight.O gentlest heart of Jesus, Ever current in the Blessed Sacrament, Ever consumed with burning love For the poor captive souls, Have mercy on the soul of thy departed servant. Be not sever in Thy judgment But let some drops of Thy Precious Blood Fall upon the devouring flames, And do Thou O Merciful Saviour, Send Thy angels to conduct thy departed servant To a spot of refreshment, Light and peace. Almighty God, via the death of your Son on the cross, you have overcome dying for us. Through his burial and resurrection from the useless you could have made the grave a holy place and restored us to everlasting life./ And God, with loving knowledge, / Will be there to information us by way of; / He'll assist us meet tomorrow / And He'll give us strength anew. I stated a prayer for you today / And know God should have heard- / I felt the reply in my coronary heart / Although He spoke no word. / I didn't ask for wealth or fame, / I knew you wouldn't mind. / I ask Him to send treasures / Of a far more lasting sort.