Embroidery : What to choose . . .? 3D Embroidery or Puff Embroidery

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March 28, 2023 United States, Alabama, Abbeville Chicago, Illinois USA 10


Embroidery is a highly specialized type of fabric art since it gives the artist and the client more control over the design. It's also convenient that embroidery should be done on practically any fabric, including polos, caps, shirts, and trousers.

Choose the basic Flat embroidery if you want to embroider your T-shirt or sweatshirt. 3D puff can make your hat look way cooler than flat embroidery, but it's only for hats. Its design is unusual and thought-provoking, despite its limitations.


3D Puff can revolutionize your design if you have a simple logo or text with a few characters. Flat embroidery, rather than 3D Puff , will work better if you have a more detailed image with intricate motifs. 

For more details, visit our website:  3D Puff

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