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March 1, 2024 United States, Connecticut, Baltic 23


Jaipur, the radiant gem of Rajasthan, beckons with its regal allure, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity to create an enchanting tapestry of experiences. With Savaari’s Luxury Tempo Traveller as your chariot, embark on a journey through the Pink City, discovering its myriad charms with friends. Ascend the rugged hills to explore the majestic Amer Fort, where tales of Rajput valor come alive amidst ornate halls and panoramic views. Stroll through the iconic Hawa Mahal, capturing the intricate lattice-work windows that define Jaipur's architectural finesse. Indulge in the rich flavors of Rajasthani cuisine, savoring specialties like Dal Baati Churma, Gatte ki Sabzi, and the delectable Ghewar. In Jaipur, history and modernity coexist, creating a captivating experience that resonates with the royal grandeur of this timeless city.

Why hire a luxury tempo traveller in Jaipur?

Savaari's economical per km pricing for the Tempo Traveller in Jaipur stands as a compelling choice for discerning travelers. In comparison to car rentals or taxi services in the Pink City, opting for a 9-seater Tempo Traveller in Jaipur not only provides additional leg space but also proves to be more cost-effective per person. When traveling with a family exceeding 8 members, prioritizing comfortable seating arrangements becomes crucial for a smooth journey. Savaari's luxury Tempo Traveller hire in Jaipur guarantees a comfortable voyage, whether it's an airport drop, pickup, weekend getaway, or local sightseeing. Whether you're planning a day of exploring the city or a weekend escape with family, attending important functions, or celebrations, Savaari's Tempo Traveller ensures that the joy of traveling together remains uninterrupted.

Beyond the aspects of comfort and affordability, several other reasons make Savaari's luxury Tempo Traveller in Jaipur the ideal choice for groups of 8 or more passengers. Some of the additional advantages include:

  • Sufficient luggage space

  • A dedicated spacious luggage compartment in the boot of the minibus

  • Ample leg space for the young and the elderly

  • Liberty to add more stops and pick up points without extra charges

  • Premium audio systems and Television screens

  • Unmatched variety of AC and Non-AC vehicles

  • Sufficient aisle space and comfortable seating arrangement

  • 24 hour support service

  • Punctual, courteous and verified drivers also your tour guides

  • Well-maintained vehicles

  • Transparent billing and affordable tempo traveller price in Jaipur

  • Superior engines from Benz, Force, Mahindra that keeps the vehicle steady on difficult terrains

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