Wilson further stated that Blizzard is currently working

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Also , in the spirit Diablo, epic heroes were identified as crucial to Diablo. "We aim to create as many monsters onscreen as possible D2R Items, then create massively powerful characters that pound them into the dirt," said Wilson, and eliciting a cheer by the audience. Similar to Diablo previously, Diablo will focus on certain classes that perform in a distinct way in comparison to one another.

Even Blizzard has gotten the non-traditional gamer bug. Wilson noted that approachability was also an important element that the company. "If you're able click with your mouse, you're eligible to participate in Diablo," mused Wilson as he said in a tone that's quickly to become a cliche even his non-gamers wife loved his Diablo experience.

The designer also pointed out Diablo's "simple to master, but difficult to master" gameplay, which is a fundamental tenet of the series in addition to the necessity of a well-constructed learning curve. "In diablo's standard mode, it was actually an simple game," he said.

Wilson further stated that Blizzard is currently working on the next version of Battle.net to make it more compatible with multiplayer play. "We would like to break down the most barriers for players to be able to play and interact with one another," he said.

Going back to Diablo's tried-and tested gameplay, Wilson said that the game's action elements were thoroughly scrutinized. One of the major adjustments made to the gameplay to enhance the gameplay was the removal of the need for potions as the main health mechanic.

To keep players from becoming dependent on health potions, Wilson said that defeated monsters will now drop bodies of energy. This mechanic is also intended to keep players involved in the fight and ensure that there is little to no downtime between battles.

Offering players the possibility to do more than click and charge was an important consideration in players on the Diablo team, according to Wilson cheap D2R ladder items. Aside from the berserker-like monster, Wilson advised that it's wise not to face these characters at face value.

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