Set pieces have long been outdated in FIFA over time

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March 28, 2023 United States, California, Alberta 4


Kudos on EA for giving us a new shooting command, especially one that incorporates manual aiming FIFA 23 Coins. It's also good that you can turn off the annoying zoom-in feature that occurs in the event that the powershot is triggered. Overall, this is an excellent feature to shoot with.

Set pieces have long been outdated in FIFA over time. While free kicks are uncommon for me When you do get one, they're far more dynamic. Additionally penalties have been reduced to help improve the game. Additionally, the corners have not been able to copy the same mechanics as set pieces, they also come with a new camera view.

Watch the composure circle surrounding the ball.

Press shoot when the circle is at its smallest for maximum accuracy

You must hold R1/RB/L1/LB simultaneously as you shoot in order to create a finesse or chip shot

Use your left hand to guide the ball prior to the ball is hit.

Corner kicks still have the same set of play plays linked to the D-pad . You can choose from a few to use in both defensive and attacking situations.

Set pieces have not only improved in terms of mechanics as well, but their visuals have improved visually. Together with the best players and those who are good in the air , becoming relevant and gaining traction, it's nice to witness EA make improvements in this part and game.


One feature I am most interested in experiencing on my own was the new Physics system. Since HyperMotion 2 being touted as an opportunity to bring realistic physics into games, I was eager to test if the changes were actually affecting the game. It's an interesting mix in this regard buy FUT 23 Coins. On the other hand, you'll be able to see the updated ball's physics displayed at the moment you switch on the play. The ball spins and turns precisely as you follow the ball's trajectory.

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