Set pieces have gotten routine in FIFA over time

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January 11, 2023 United States, Hawaii, Hanalei 3


When to utilize Power Shots due to the animation taking a significant amount of time to play out and the fact that they are expensive FUT 23 Coins, power shots should only be utilized when you have plenty of time to perform the command. Normally, any power shot that you attempt to take within the 18-yard mark will be stopped if the path isn't clear as the path is typically more flat in comparison to the finesse shots.

Kudos to EA for introducing an entirely new shooting option and especially one that includes the ability to aim manually. It's also a good thing you can switch off the annoying zoom-in sound that is activated when the power shot is activated. Overall, this is an ideal feature to shoot with.

Set pieces have gotten routine in FIFA over time. Although free kicks are uncommon for me however, when you do find one, they're much more exciting. Furthermore penalties have been simplified for the better. Also, corners have not duplicated the same mechanism as set pieces but also have a more appealing camera view.

Check out the circle of composure around the ball

The circle should be shot when it is at its narrowest for the best accuracy

Make sure you hold down R1/RB and L1/LB while you shoot in order to create a finesse or chip shot

Make use of this stick with your left side to aim the shot prior to the ball is struck

Corner kicks are still governed by the same set of plays that are linked to the D-pad . So you can select from a range in both attacking and defensive situations.

Not only have set pieces been improved from a mechanic perspective, they have also visually improved visually. With strong players and those with a good skill in the air , they are becoming relevant again cheap FIFA 23 Coins, it's good to see EA make improvements in this part of the game.

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