How would I get Lost Ark Twitch Drops?

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Lost Ark features many things to discover and explore and collectibles make up an integral part of the experience Lost Ark Gold. In addition to the more than thousand Mokoko seeds available throughout the land There are numerous other types of items you can collect. Each one of them offers a different reward which can aid in your journey.

The songs play a significant part in getting these collectibles, and also to accomplish sidequests, like island quests. You can choose to play more than twelve different songs on Music Sheet menu, and it is the Romantic Weapon is part of the set.

It is unlikely that you will meet it. Romantic Weapon before reaching an average item level of 600. and then heading to the Yorn continent. It's useful in many ways in revealing the location of many Mokoko seeds across the continent, and increasing your rapport level with the NPCs in the region. Here's how to access to hear the Romantic Weapon song in Lost Ark.

How to get Romantic Weapon

It's also a fantastic tune to play whenever you need to be inspired and get motivated, the Romantic Weapon song will be an excellent addition to your playlist. According to the lyrics, it's "full of the romantic spirit of the cheerful Umars." This means, it's tied to the lore of the region's people and you'll have to complete the Adventurer's Tome to unlock it.


The Romantic Weapon song is a reward for getting to 50 percent in Yorn's Adventurer's Tome. The goal of achieving that percentage will not be difficult. You can reach it through completing the main story buy Lost Ark Gold. It is only necessary to remember the other objectives while progressing.

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