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Lotus Petals Powder- Benefits, Price & Uses

  • Lotus grows in lakes and rivers. The flowers, seeds, leaves, and parts of the underground stem (rhizome) are used in medicine. Lotus contains chemicals that reduce swelling, kill cancer cells and bacteria, reduce blood sugar, help the breakdown of fat, and protect the heart and blood vessels. Chemicals in the lotus also protect the skin, liver, and brain.


How lotus petals are known in your area?


  • The other names for lotus are ‘Kamal’ and lotus root is called ‘Kamal Kakdi’ in Hindi, ‘Tamara’ in Telugu, ‘Thamarai’ in Tamil, ‘Tamara’ in Malayalam, ‘Tavare’ in Kannada, ‘Motunkamal’ in Gujarati, and ‘Komol’ in Bengali.


  • Lotus petals are rich in antioxidants. It acts as a moisturizing agent for your skin. It can heal flaky and dry skin. Also, it prevents Acne Breakouts. It adds volume and natural shine to your hair. It prevents premature graying.


More : https://www.theyoungchemist.com/detail/lotus-petals.html

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