Grain Thresher Machine

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September 29, 2022 Indonesia, West Nusa Tenggara, Sumbawa 3


Automatic grain  thresher machine with good product quality, simple operation and compact structure. It greatly improves the degrading rate of corn and has high working efficiency. It is hundreds times more than manual maize thresher machine. It is light in weight, easy to move threshing, safe and reliable, and can work with home power supply or petrol engine drive.

Features of grain thresher machine

1.Multifunction grain thresher machine is efficient and can thresh rice and wheat throughly. Millet thresher machine has the features of compact structure, beautiful shape and reliable operation. Featured by its high production rate, good threshing performance and few loss of grain etc., sorghum thresher machine is a good helper with farmers. It has wide application range, convenient and safe, high production efficiency, low damage rate and low loss rate. 

2.Multi-functional sorghum thresher machine is mainly composed of motor,racks, concave screen, drum, cover, main fan, the second suction fan, vibrating screen, cleaning and settlement.The diesel millet thresher machine is powered by 3kw single-phase electric motor, gasoline engine or diesel engine .

3.Millet thresher machine using the gap between the welding rod teeth and the concave plate, after the grain seed is removed by rotating, raking, grabbing, beating,When working, it will feed the threshing material into the threshing drum. the air bubbles and the straw vibrating by the air suction and the vibrating screen of the fan are used. The grain seed and straw completed the threshing separation and sorting operation once, and the removal rate reached 99%.

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