New trends for betting in the Philippines in 2022

September 14, 2022 United States, Iowa, Alpha 12



If you’re a betting enthusiast, then we’ve got great news! It’s quite possible that this is the best time ever for any punter to be alive, as the global development of the online world amplified the reach of bookmakers that used to stick to betting-hub countries just like the UK, and can now operate in almost every country in the world, as long they meet a few requirements demanded by their targeted country.

With that said, the array of options in the Philippines is greater than ever, and on top of that, the safety and usability standards achieved by such companies are at never-seen levels. We can even dare to say that as long as you punt with world-class sportsbooks in the Philippines, you’ll never get scammed, as these are all licensed and regulated bookies that operate safely and honestly on every continent of the globe. If you’d like to have a look at a list of the absolute top-notch bookies in the Philippines, you can check it out here. Just make sure you go through every single one of them and pick the one you liked the most and start having fun!

Despite the long intro, the main theme of this text will be the new trends within the betting scene in the Philippines. In order to give you a better and more accurate perspective of the theme, we invited betting expert Evelyn Balyton, who did a great job regarding the elaboration of this article, and we’d like to publicly thank and acknowledge the great work performed by her. If you’d like to get to know her work a little bit better, you can do it by clicking here!

Without further ado, let’s get to know the main trends going on in the Philippines for 2022!

Crypto Betting

Although plenty of bookies, just like rivalry bet, may offer the most popular traditional payment methods in the Philippines, crypto betting is on a rise not only for local Filipinos, but in the whole world, and for different reasons.

Despite the recent devaluation of this market, we can still see and point out that cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of ground in online betting in recent times. We still have to mention the arrival of NTFS, digital assets that represent high-value objects. Cryptocurrencies make the deposit and withdrawal process even faster, as well as provide more security in transactions. 

Crypto betting is totally safe, and you don’t need to worry about betting agents or any other similar thing. The whole process can be made entirely anonymously, and even popular bookies in the Philippines, just like GCash, have been leaving hints that they would be entering this market very soon. You can have a look at the crypto tap for online betting using gcash on their app, available in the whole country!

E-Sports betting growth

E-Sports have fallen into the popular taste of Filipinos, and if you’re into it, you might have noticed this fact simply by looking at the top available sports to bet on it and seeing that e-sports have been up through the ranks in recent times in the Philippines.

It’s quite a very personal and restricted thing, but amongst the most popular available e-sports games, we can see the following ones at the top of every top-class bookmaker:

  • LoL,

  • DOTA 2,

  • FIFA,

  • CS:GO

If you’ve never listened to anything about any of these e-sports, it’s quite possible you will in the near future.

Live Streaming Improvement

Live Streaming is increasingly essential for punters, especially for those who prefer to live bet. However, they’re currently only widely available when it comes to very big games in football and in gigantic, global leagues just like the Premier League, for example, or at any other sport that has such a high demand of gamblers interested in it.

Here, we can say that one bookie that stands out the most in the Philippines is the betting site 1xBet which offers more variety in sports broadcasts.

In 2022, that scenario looks like it's about to change. Bookmakers will invest more in technology to incorporate resources into their platforms for quality transmission. The beneficiary, of course, will be the Philippine punter, who will have a much better all-around experience while enjoying their laid wagers.



The sports betting market has been growing a lot in the past few years, and it will be no different in 2022. In addition to the aforementioned trends, there are two major events for 2022 that promise to make the sector even hotter, and we’re talking about the FIFA World Cup in Qatar by the end of the year. 

Bookmakers should expect an increase in the number of bets placed worldwide, and on the other hand, bettors should pay attention to what great promos they could be missing out on in case they don’t tune into the best news outlets in the industry. 

Enjoy this great time to be a punter in the Philippines!

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