Game design Half of it is about trust

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September 19, 2022 Canada, Northwest Territories, Fort McPherson 5


"That isn't a direction we're comfortable taking in wow tbc gold WoW," Afrasiabi told P2Pah during a recent preview event to preview the forthcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor.

Pay-to-win systems undermine player confidence as well as Blizzard does not intend on making that mistake, Afrasiabi said.

"Game design Half of it is about trust. In my opinion, our players trust us implicitly. You don't wish to undermine trust between the developer and the player. Pay-to-win is a good way to do this. That's our position We are not talking about paying to win on World of Warcraft . This isn't going to happen."

In the last week, it was announced--though not confirmed that soon World of Warcraft gamers may be able to shell out $60 for a character's auto-leveling to the current limit of 90. In the past players needed to put in many hours in order to achieve this level. Some fans believed this was an indication of the quality of the game was disappearing.

Players can also use real-world cash on virtual goods like mounts and pets in the game. These microtransactions come in addition to World of Warcraft 's existing subscription of $15 per month.

It is likely that microtransactions will continue play a significant role in the future of Blizzard's and also, since buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold Blizzard recently launched the "Microtransaction Strategist" business division.

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