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One of the most essential tips to win a game of Ludo is to think ahead of the opponent. One can do this by predicting these basic steps of the opponent and preventing their tokens from landing on Users. This step is important as not predicting or analysing the opponent’s playstyle might end you going back to the home base.


If you are new to Real1 Ludo, a way to win the game is by landing your token on the opponent’s token. This makes that particular token go back to the home base and players need to drop a six on the dice to get them out again. This consumes a lot of your opponent’s time and leaves your opponent with fewer chances of winning the game. Remember this point as it’s one of the best Ludo Real11 tips and tricks.




Playing the waiting game in Ludo Real11 can have amazing benefits. For example, if your tokens are placed in a safe zone which is denoted by star shapes on the board and a bad dice roll has a chance of exposing you to your opponents, do not take the chance. Instead, wait it out till you have a good dice roll and keep your distance or try to land yourself on the opponent’s token.

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