Common Problems In Lifts And How To Avoid Them

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Power failure can be a major problem in a lift, causing flickering lights and even a total breakdown of the unit. This can cause the lift to stop moving altogether, which can cause a lengthy operation to free passengers. Power failure can be due to a city power outage, but the most common cause is a motor failure. A lift uses a significant amount of power, placing a strain on the building's utility system. However, you can avoid these problems with the help of lift maintenance companies in Dubai.

Power failures

When elevators fail to operate due to a power failure, passengers are left jostled and stranded. While the experience is rarely life-threatening, it is very distressing for passengers. Without power, elevators cannot communicate with control systems, and passengers are unable to contact emergency services or loved ones. A backup communication system for elevators can be extremely useful in such situations. This feature can be a lifesaver.

Sudden stops

While an elevator is not designed to suddenly stop, sudden stops are possible. A sudden stop can result from malfunctioning elevator computer programs or electronics. In some instances, the elevator may experience an electrical failure or a faulty timing system. Sudden stops often lead to passenger injuries, including common falls and back injuries. An elevator malfunction lawyer can help a victim pursue compensation for their injuries. Sudden stops can be dangerous for passengers, and the problem should be addressed immediately.

Worn sheaves

Wear and tear of elevator ropes, bearings, and sheaves can result in sudden stoppages, high energy consumption, and low power factors. Preventive maintenance and inspection are crucial for the proper operation of elevators. Proper lubrication and inspection can prevent wear and tear and minimize downtime. A proper inspection can detect worn sheaves before they result in premature hoist rope failure. A regrooving procedure will help prevent these issues.

Variable frequency drive

Overvoltage fault: Overvoltage can occur when the motor's voltage is more than the input power. This fault can result from poor power quality or other motor-related issues. A megger test is an easy way to determine whether your motor has a power problem. If you can identify the problem, you can replace it or correct it. If not, a technician should be called in to fix it.

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