Build Your Self-Worth With A Glance

August 18, 2022 United States, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 2


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Every time you look at a work of art, your blood pressure decreases, your stress-level decreases, your anger decreases. That's because humans can't do/feel two things at the same time. Even multi-tasking is a switch from one activity to the next at breakneck speed. Haven't we over-burdened ourselves enough already? YOU are enough! If you consider it for a minute you'd realize what a powerful, fun, and almost magical human you actually are. There is nobody else made exactly like you among the billions of us on this planet. Take a vacation from your "less than" thoughts. Go on an inner journey of color and shape and symbols - all helpful to detach you from outdated definitions of things others may have taught you. Give yourself the freedom to explore your own imagination. It's a beautiful ride.


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I am a female artist who was all over the place having a dream about being a full-time artist. Until I discovered digital creation I was literally a creative and emotional mess. I don't know how it worked to change who I was into who I wanted to become, yet one day I realized my reality had changed. Subscribe today and don't forget to include your mailing address.  Only 60 available.


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